AQW Celebrates its 35th Anniversary! The Association of Quebec Weavers (AQW) also known as L'Association des Tisserands du Québec (ATQ) is a not for profit organization founded in 1980 by and for weavers, both professionals and beginners, sharing a common interest in weaving.

Zimarra - Vétement de créationGoal
Accrued knowledge and promotion of the art of weaving and its related techniques.

Explore various forms of weaving such as card and finger weaving, lower and rising shed loom weaving, tapestry and jacquard weave, etc.
Understand and valorize related weaving techniques such as carding, spinning, dyeing, braiding, felting, basket weaving, etc.
Encourage creativity and originality through workshops on weaving structure and colour.
Share and publish research related to the AQW's goal.
Encourage membership among weavers.

The Association of Quebec Weavers recognizes two (2) types of members.

Individual MemberPassage
An individual member is one who pays an annual membership fee. An individual member in good standing has all the rights and privileges of the Association including the right to vote and to speak at meetings.

Associate Members
An associate member is a group duly constituted and recognized as such, whose objectives are similar to that of the Association and who pays an annual fee. The Associate member received the Association's bulletin but does not have the right to vote.


Annual Convention
Includes workshops, juried exhibits, a fashion exhibit, member exhibits open to the public, an informal fashion show, samples exchange program, suppliers booths, keynote speaker and general meeting. Usually held on a weekend in late Spring, in a region of Quebec.

Research Group
Made up of members in good standing willing to do an in-depth study of a technique, theme or subject revealed at the convention or in a workshop. Objectives: to weave related samples for a yearly exchange with members who volunteered to work on the suggested study.

Two Juried Contests
Follows convention workshops related to weaving. Qualified judges evaluate submitted contest articles from predetermined criteria.

Mixed Media Award
Awarded since 2005. Underlines an individual member's creativity integrating one or several techniques to a woven article. The winning article contains a minimum of 51% weaving.

An AQW Bulletin
Titled "Au fil du Temps", the Association's bulletin is published three (3) times a year. It is illustrated in colour and includes a woven sample.

A Web Site
Up to date information. Photo gallery. Downloading various registration forms: membership, convention, contests, exhibits, etc.